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I have a table in MySQL Database with 8 columns. I want to create a new column. This column will automatically insert a random 6 digit value. Each new entry will be created with a unique value (from 000000 to 999999).

Is this possible?

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@user1844933 A trigger won't work in this instance, because a MySQL trigger can't update the same table that invoked it (otherwise there could be an infinite loop). This task would be better accomplished in the application code. –  Tim Burch Mar 7 at 18:59
sorry because im new with MySQL. Its a part same with ạuto increment but it should to be 6 numeric with random values. –  user3393982 Mar 7 at 19:03
To my knowledge it's not possible to do so on the MySQL side of things. However, you could easily accomplish it in your application code. –  Tim Burch Mar 7 at 19:10
PHP code or a query with SQL ? Im looking for solution for this. Thx ! –  user3393982 Mar 7 at 19:14
They have to be in a specific order or you need them to be randomly ? –  Up_One Mar 7 at 19:19

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What i think shoud do the job is :

  • create a porcedure that will handle the random data insert and check if the values exists. to generate random number

    SELECT FLOOR(10000 + RAND() * 999999) AS random_number;

  • create a trigger that will call this proc every time an insert will be done !

    CREATE TRIGGER bla_bla AFTER INSERT ON your_table
    call proc();

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Thanks @Up_One, im sorry because im new with MySQL. Im not sure about your tutorial. So i will create new that column by this query "CREATE TRIGGER bla_bla AFTER INSERT ON your_table" and use a trigger for insert randomly values ? is this automatically (with new record create) ? I can create new column by manually and use your query for insert value ? Thx ! –  user3393982 Mar 7 at 20:15

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