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I was hoping i was past this... but why is is resize undefined on Button click?

    var w = [320, 480];
    var h = [480, 620];

    function resize (input){

    $.each(w, function(i, val){
        $("<button onclick='resize("+i+")'>"+val+"</button>").appendTo("body");
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You should use .on('click', function(){...}) instead if you're using jQuery. api.jquery.com/on –  Blazemonger Mar 7 at 20:03
Because inline JavaScript (which you should not be using) can only reference global functions. resize is not a global function. –  Rocket Hazmat Mar 7 at 20:05
A quick fix would be to add window.resize = resize after your function declaration but I don't suggest doing that. –  Kevin B Mar 7 at 20:07
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Because its inside the document.ready function.

You need to have the resize function at the global level for the DOM to see it.

However a better way of doing it would be to use the jQuery "on" function.

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function resize exists only in the scope of the onReady callback you pass into document.ready ... It needs to exist "higher up" / "more globally" for this to work, or do what @blazemonger mentions, bind it directly instead of using the onclick= html attribute

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