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I'm working to create a dictionary for android. I have a csv file containing all the data, which I worker for few months to complete.

The problem is anybody can explode the apk and extract the csv file. I wish secure the file. How can I protect a file inside the apk by not breaking the application?

Thanks for reading.

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You could save an encrypted version of the file, and decrypt it inside your application.

EDIT: for instance, this is a quick an simple solution for encrypting/decrypting data.

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Yes, this may prevent casual ripoffs but ultimately becomes an arms race of obfuscation and discovery, because the algorithm/keys used to decrypt it are present in the app and available to extract, too. The only way to truly protect it would be to keep it on a server and rate-limit queries, but that leads to poor usability. Perhaps try to have the value somewhere other than the dataset? – Chris Stratton Mar 7 '14 at 20:41
True. However, unless we are talking about valuable data targeted by tens of crackers, a well-encrypted file should keep at bay at lease the majority of them. – Sebastiano Mar 7 '14 at 20:43

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