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I am looking for java example solution/library/class for online card game. I'm interested in creating a non-profit version of a game called "Thousand", with functionality to play human vs human and human vs AI.

I'll appreciate any kind of advise.

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There's JPC-API which provides general playing card services and rendering. Beyond that you need to be more specific about what you need. The problem you describe is a little larget in scope. Are you looking for help in

  • Lobby services (finding other players)
  • Gaming network protocol (to communicate moves between players)
  • Gaming theory (to write the computer opponent)
  • Winning condition detection
  • Game UI development

or some other aspect?

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@Jherico - thanks for your input, I'll start from creating UI and gaming network protocol to get going with basic functionality and then I'll try to add mentioned functionalities. – Registered User Feb 9 '10 at 22:47

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