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I have built an app using Rails 4 and the Gmaps4rails gem. I have a map with markers (it works great). I would like to add a search box and functionality to search the map. So, the map would centre around the searched term (like a city) and then display any markets nearby. I can't find documentation on how to do this via Gmaps4rails. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

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Gmaps4rails is a google map wrapper it doesnt limit you in any way. How do you do your search, what are its results? The question is too broad –  apneadiving Mar 7 '14 at 22:51

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How to change default zoom for a map (Gmaps4rails) with one pin

You must add to the view of the page with the map a line to the series of "handler" lines. The code below is from an answer by apneadiving to a different question that helped me find my answer. The second part below sets the zoom level (handler.getMap().setZoom(8);).

handler.buildMap( {internal: {id: 'map'}}, function(){
  // handler.map is the proxy object created by the gem, 
  // where you can add your custom methods,
  // like centerOn
  handler.map.centerOn([-34.397, 150.644]);

  // handler.getMap() is the google map object
  // you can also access it with handler.map.getServiceObject()
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Thanks, Joshua - your answer was extremely helpful. I was able to make it work with your insight. Cheers! –  Jeremy Zuker Apr 19 '14 at 1:45

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