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I made a program to cut an image into four parts. Each part should be put in a new picturebox, but the part that is to be cut from the image should still be in the same location in the original picture.

How can I make the part 2, 3 or 4 of image in location 1 in picturebox2 (beginning from (0,0), the position in the array still not in the same location in picture box1)?

Private Sub Command2_Click()

   h = Picture1.ScaleHeight
   w = Picture1.ScaleWidth

   For j = 0 To h - 1
      For i = 0 To w - 1
         imag(i, j) = gray(Picture1.Point(i, j))
   Picture2.Width = Picture1.Width
   Picture2.Height = Picture1.Height

   For j = h / 2 To h
      For i = 0 To w / 2
          k = imag(i, j)
          Picture2.PSet (i, j), RGB(k, k, k)
End Sub
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Use an new vertical index for the second picture that starts at zero.

Dim j2 As Integer = 0
For j = h / 2 To h
    For i = 0 To w / 2
        k = imag(i, j)
        Picture2.PSet (i, j2), RGB(k, k, k)
    j2 += 1

Note: In VB6 you would have to write

Dim j2 As Long
j2 = 0


    j2 = j2 + 1
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thank u very much , but can u explain me in simple way this Adding please –  neveen Mar 9 at 15:32
Sure. j goes from h/2 to h but you want the copied picture to start a y = 0. Therefore don't insert it at y = j, instead create a new index j2 that starts at 0. Since the For-statement increments only j, you have to increment j2 explicitly with j2 += 1 (which is the same as j2 = j2 + 1) at the end of the loop. Alternatively, you could insert the pixel with Picture2.PSet (i, j-h/2), RGB(k, k, k). –  Olivier Jacot-Descombes Mar 9 at 15:39
thank u very much –  neveen Mar 9 at 15:46

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