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I'm trying to use "puts" to test a few things with a Sinatra app that's hosted on Heroku. Interestingly, the output seems to queue up and only displays upon restarting the Heroku dyno. I've tried with 'Thin' and 'Webrick', but have the same issue.

Any thoughts?

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It does work on Heroku. Are you using Heroku's log monitor? –  Arman H Mar 7 at 22:08
Using Heroku logs, yes. That's how I can see the output upon restarting the dyno. –  dougiebuckets Mar 7 at 22:10
You might just need to sync stdout. Try adding $stdout.sync = true early in your apps startup (top of config.ru is a good place). –  matt Mar 7 at 22:55
Very helpful. That did it. Thank you! –  dougiebuckets Mar 7 at 23:10

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As you can see on heroku docs: add this to your config.ru:

stdout.sync = true
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