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I am writing a batch script to use USMT to update computers from XP to 7. Because USMT has a scanstate component that needs to be run before the OS upgrade and a loadstate computer that has to be run after the OS upgrade I am trying to use an if statement to check what the operating system is and then run the proper commands. I am new to batch files but from everything I have been reading it seems like I am writing it properly but I am obviously messing up somewhere. I am getting a "Windows is unexpected at this time error." I also know that the variables are being set properly because of the pause commands that I included. I also tried using IF %WINVERSION% == %XP% goto XPTRUE/WIN7TRUE and enclosing everything within the brackets under a :XPTRUE/WIN7TRUE but that gives the same error.

::Don't have commands print...only outputs are printed
@echo off
:: Set constants
SET XP=Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
SET WIN7=Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
SET XPUSMTLOCATION=C:\Program Files\USMT\Binaries\v4\x86
SET 7USMTLOCATION=C:\Program Files (x86)\USMT\Binaries\v4\amd64
SET BACKUPLOACTION=\\[SERVER IP]\z$\UserAccountBackUps\Backups
::Get the current version of Windows batch file is running on and store it in WINVERSION
FOR /f "delims=" %%A IN ('ver') DO @SET WINVERSION=%%A
::Get the MAC address of the computer and store it in MACA
FOR /F %%A IN ('getmac') DO @SET MACA=%%A
echo The MAC Address is: %MACA%
:: Tell user about script
echo This is a script designed to migrate computers with one network card from Windows XP to Windows 7 using USMT, this script should not be used with computers that have multiple network cards
echo Xp is %XP%
echo 7 is %WIN7%
::Check to see if the current version is XP

echo This is windows XP
::Change directory to the location of USMT files
::Run scanstate to create backup
scanstate.exe C:\Backup /i:"\\[SERVER IP]\z$\UserAccountBackUps\USMT_XML_Files\MigApp.xml" /i:"\\[SERVER IP]\z$\UserAccountBackUps\USMT_XML_Files\MigDocs.xml" /i:"\\[SERVER IP]\z$\UserAccountBackUps\USMT_XML_Files\MigUser.xml" /o /v:2
::Change directory to the location of where the USMT backup is
::Rename the backup to the MAC Address
::Map the NAS to a drive because xcopy can not take IP addresses
echo Mapping NAS to drive
::NAS is mapped to drive S, if S is used for something else change s below to different letter
net use s: \\[SERVER IP]\z$
echo Prepairing to copy backup to NAS
::Use xcopy to transfer backup file the /v ensures the files are identical
::This must be done this way because if USMT tries to backup directly to the NAS it tries to overwrite all existing files
echo The copy has completed, run this batch file again after OS Upgrade

echo This is Windows 7

When I run this on my Windows 7 computer I get this:


I get the same output on my XP computer except it tells me the current version is xp instead. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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The line below:

FOR /f "delims=" %%A IN ('ver') DO @SET WINVERSION=%%A

stores in WINVERSION variable a string that contain several words separated by spaces, for example:

SET WINVERSION=Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]

This way, the line below:


is expanded to:

IF Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200] == Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (

that, of course, cause a syntax error! Type: IF /? for further details.

The way to compare two strings that may contains spaces, is enclosing they in quotes:

IF "%WINVERSION%" == "%XP%" (
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