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Now, I'm having a problem because I want to know the status of ALL the checkboxes, not just the values of the checked ones. And if possible, by still using getParameterValues(). Or any other possible methods will be fine. Thanks!

<c:forEach var = "i" begin = "0" end = "${rows - 1}">
        <input type = "checkbox" name = "hello" />

This is an array of checkbox I made, so when the Submit button is clicked, I use getParameterValues("hello") in my controller. But the problem is, only the checkboxes that were clicked have a value.

For example: (checkbox) / hello[0] _ hello[1] _ hello[2] / hello[3] ----> I only checked the first and last checkboxes, then:

String box[] = req.getParameterValues("hello");

when I print the values of box array, I only get a length of 2 (instead of 4 since I have 4 checkboxes) with values "on".

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Duplicate stackoverflow.com/questions/5618556/… –  outellou Mar 8 at 0:07
Can you please add some code from your html and what you mean "I want to know the status of ALL the checkboxes" status mean are checked or not.Or you mean values of the all checkboxes. –  erhun Mar 8 at 15:29
@user3326270 Is your problem solved? –  erhun Mar 17 at 12:00

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If you want to get a value at server side client should post this value to server I mean if it is not checked client not post these values to server side. If you set all values checked by default like below i guess you can get all checkbox values. But if you want to do these dynamically you can use jquery like $('#check_id').val(); and send this field to server.

<c:forEach var = "i" begin = "0" end = "${rows - 1}">
        <input type = "checkbox" name = "hello" checked/>
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