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I have some problems with creating self configurable collision layers.

My filter categories are configured like so

final short category_00 =     0x0000;
final short category_01 =     0x0001;
final short category_02 =     0x0002;
final short category_03 =     0x0004;
final short category_04 =     0x0008;
final short category_05 =     0x0010;

next an array with all of these above ( total 16 ) .

Array<Short> availableCategories = new Array<Short>();  

now, without editor i can simply do

short myCustomMask = (short) ( category_02 | category_05 ) 

but i would like to have control about collision matrix , for this i have to create a short which do | ( OR ) on all elements in an custom array ( which will act as a filter mask bit = layer )

Array<Short> maskTmp = new Array<Short>(16);

short myCustomLayer = (short) (maskTmp.get(i) | maskTmp.get(i+1) | maskTmp.get(i+n))  

I never did anything with bitwise operators and one question is how to do it ? And the second way is this a proper way of doing it ?

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Why is an array involved at all? Also, category_00 will just be nothing. You won't be able to tell whether you included it or not. –  harold Mar 8 '14 at 13:11
the idea is to allow in level editor(by UI) to create categories ( map them to some normal name etc ) and also create layers. This is only an concept. Basically i want to implement something like in unity, to create layer masks from custom matrix. These user created categories and layers will be saved in project file ( serialized by kryo or sth ) –  Paweł Mar 8 '14 at 13:41

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