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A while ago, I created a Client/Server set-up, to connect between a PC and an Android device. The idea being to be able to "Explore" the device remotely, but one of the main ideas was to make it as easy as possible, without having to go through the process of inputting the IP Address of one, to the other, so on the PC side, I just got it to loop through from the Router Address, pinging a device until there is a response, and once there was, attempt to communicate with it.

Having recently changed ISP, and getting a new router, the same program would take minutes (I haven't tried it yet) to automatically connect, as it would mean pinging from to 65 or 66.

Now I have moved onto Connecting between two Android devices. As I am communicating between a Gingerbread Phone, and a KitKat Tablet, it seems I am stuck with inputting an IP address in one, to connect to the other.

I've only just discovered Broadcasting Network services, but as this is something from API 16 onwards, can a Gingerbread "Discover" a service at all ?

The basic idea is the Phone is used as a bar-code scanner, the tablet as a server, so the tablet is able to broadcast a service, I want to be able to use the phone to scan for the service, when active, and connect to it. Can anyone give me some pointers as to where to start with this ?

I'm thinking DHCP/DNS, as I use Astro File Manager on my phone, and it easily finds my router and the Drive connected to it.

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