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I built a webapp based on RefineryCMS 1.0.3 on 2011 and time has come to have that upgraded.

The webapp is heavily based on refinerycms-calendar engine, which unfortunately its master branch is still incompatible with the current RefineryCMS version (2.1.1). Luckily though, there are a couple of folks who have implemented the absolutely necessary to have that engine functional and I am using that exact version of the engine.

Nevertheless, it still has its issues:

a) Locally the backend works fine but if you try to deploy it with Capistrano, you are missing assets. Apparently, those issues are solved by adding manually calendar.js and calendar.css into the asset pipeline workflow: Inside your application's application.rb add config.assets.precompile += %w( calendar.js calendar.css )

b) Fire your Rails server and you will notice that in the frontend, when you click on Venues menu item (redirects to /calendar/venues) you will receive a complaint that asks for forgiveness: Page not found Sorry, there was a problem...The page you requested was not found.. This is caused because there is no actual route to the venues controller. But, a rake routes reveals that there is one for /calendar/events/. Well, this one lands you to another error: This page is NOT live for public viewing.. I have not managed to solve this issue yet.

Is there anybody out there having the same problem? Any help greatly appreciated.



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