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Breeze looks good, I only see the Select object part in tutorial. Now I am checking the server side. It seems on server side, I have to define objects, not quite flexible to me, to make it less confused, let's me ask a more straightful question: Take an example of member record, member can have the below fields:

1, LastName 2, FirstName 3, Age 4, Salary

I want the public view only be able to get LastName and FirstName, and Age is only for HR view, Salary is only for Accounting view. Breeze support Select("field1,field2...") so you can control what fields to return, but that is on client side, if we don't control on server side, anyone can call the API directly and get all fields that they should not see. So what is the solution for this? Do I need create one object class for each view?

Please help, thanks.

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