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This is probably a silly question and i am posting this Post-Googling, The question is,

How do i view the contents of an array while debugging, Provided the Breakpoint is in function not Main?

I am using code::blocks 13.12 version and i set a break point in my sample simple c++ code, and i want to observe how the contents of the array change with the code but all i see is the the address of the array under watch window, It is however displaying the values of other integer variables correctly,

enter image description here

a is an array

I forgot to mention that i am tracking the array in a function and not in main,and i am aware that main passes the address of the array to the function being called(by reference i meant)

I am relatively new to codeblocks, Am i missing some setting or something?

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i am using 12.11. I select the array variable suppose a, choose "watch a" in the right button down menu, and I can see the values in the array a.

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Right click on the cell, then select "Properties", there you can tell it to "watch as array", and tell it the index range to watch.

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When I right click on the cell, all options including properties are greyed out except delete all option. Do you know why? – zed111 Jan 1 at 18:39
@zed111 It seems you cannot edit the properties of the automatic watches: function arguments and locals. You need to add that variable again to set its properties it seems. – Calmarius Jan 1 at 18:55

Debug -> Debugging windows -> Watches

you may watch the variables in this way

in convenience, you can find button "Debugging Windows" near to the debug toolbar, choose "watch", hope you can find it!

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