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i have search on Google that to run windows 8 emulator,CPU must be supporting SLAT. and my PC does not support it. so i am not able to run emulator. now in this case is there any other way to run emulator because purchasing windows mobile or new processor is not good idea. i dont have money for this. processor core 2 duo RAM 4 GB DDR2

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While SLAT isn't required on Windows Server 2012 to enable HyperV, it is required for Windows 8+ to enable a rich graphical experience.

There are some details here.

If you're developing a WP8 application, I'd highly recommend you acquire a physical device anyway for the best overall development and testing experience. Depending on your location, there are some very inexpensive devices.

There are no work arounds.

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if i install windows 7 OS then will i able to run application in emulator? i am going to buy new windows phone still i need to use emulator for different resolution scenario. –  juhi Mar 17 at 3:48
Windows 8 phone SDK will not work in windows 7 –  user2788596 May 6 at 13:06

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