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First, I'm n00b in backbonejs.

I'm trying to build contact application similar to iPhone Contacts on iOS 7. I'm having problem to wrap my mind around it.

I have contact model like this.

var ContactItem = Backbone.Model.extend({
    urlRoot: '/api/contact/',

   parse: function(response) {
       var phonesJSON = response.phones;
       var phonesCollection = new Phones(phonesJSON);
       response.phones = phonesCollection;

       // emails, addresses, etc the same way as Phones collection above
       return response;

   defaults: {
       "id": null,
       "avatar": "default.png",
       "first_name": "",
       "last_name": ""


Scenario is:

When I click + Add new phone, a row with select box and text field is inserted. Fill in a phone number, then click Save, this.model.save() is called.

Add new contact

The problem

  • If I add new Phone model to collection I'm having a problem updating that model later when I click Save
  • If on + Add new Phone I don't add model to collection, how can I add it later (how to know what to add) ?!
  • When I edit fields, the underlining model properties / collections are not modified "in real time". I need some kind of connection between form text fields and Backbone model

Please give me a hint "backbone way" of doing this.

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What's your server response ? –  Rida BENHAMMANE Mar 8 at 9:03
I don't have problems with server, I have a problem on the client side, the order of operations. My current ugly sollution is using jquery $.post to send $('#form-contact-edit').serialize() to POST data to server. I want to do it via this.model.save() –  ppavlovic Mar 8 at 12:06

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