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I have an association, but I'm trying to figure out how to get an array of the nearby users if I have this setup:


def claim
  @claim = Claim.find_by_object_id(params[:object_id])
  @array = Claim.where(object_id: params[:object_id])


belongs_to :user


has_many :claims, dependent: :destroy
has_many :object_id, dependent: :destroy


<% @array.each do |p| %>
  <%= p.user.first_name %>
  <%= p.user.street %>
  <%= p.user.city %>
<% end %>

my user database has street, city, zip, state columns. I need help figuring out the logic in getting nearby locations if I'm displaying the user's information through claim.

I know I could do something like Claim.near(params[:location]), but because the address is in the Users model, I would need to do something like User.near(params[:location]), however, I'm getting data based on the params[object_id] from claim model. I don't know how to get the @array that is associated to the nearby location.

So the idea of this is that there's a bunch of data in Claims model, and there are columns: object_id and user_id. Based on the id of the page, params[:object_id], I'll be able to get all the users that claims to have that object, but I only want to show the users based nearby location as well,

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You have to get the User of the claim first, Claim.user, get the location, translate it into latitude and longitude with geolocation (Google Maps), then use the Haversine formula to compute the distance of all other Users, and select only the Users that are within the specified distance, then collect all of the Claims from those Users. –  Chloe Mar 8 at 6:26
@Chloe I can't do Claim.user, because its an array of users I'm getting from the object_id of the Claim. and I'm trying to collect all the Users from that Claim, not the other way around. –  andrewliu Mar 8 at 6:31
You have claim.rb: belongs_to :user, so you can call @claim.user. find_by... only returns 1 result anyways. Experiment in rails console. –  Chloe Mar 8 at 6:40
@Chloe thats why I have p.user which is from @array. Can you give me an example? –  andrewliu Mar 8 at 6:58

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