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I have the following two models:

class DeliveryTime(models.Model):
   delivery_time = models.CharField(max_length=15)

class BlockedDeliveryTime(models.Model):
   delivery_date = models.DateField()
   delivery_time = models.ForeignKey(DeliveryTime) 

I want to return all the available delivery times for a day i.e. all DeliveryTime excluding the BlockedDeliveryTime.

 blocked_delivery_times = BlockedDeliveryTime.objects.filter(delivery_date=delivery_date)
 delivery_times = DeliveryTime.objects.all()

From delivery_times queryset i want to remove all blocked_delivery_times.delivery_time

How can i do that? Any suggestions?

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blocked_delivery_times = BlockedDeliveryTime.objects.filter(delivery_date=delivery_date) \
delivery_times = DeliveryTime.objects.exclude(id__in=blocked_delivery_times)
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this is exactly what i was looking for, but the exclude is not working delivery_times = DeliveryTime.objects.exclude(delivery_time__in=t) is returning all DeliveryTime –  reevh Mar 8 at 14:59
yes i did and there is a common one –  reevh Mar 9 at 1:41
@reevh, I had a typo: delivery_times__in. See the corrected answer. –  Paul Draper Mar 9 at 1:43
Thanks for your reply. I noticed that typo before my first comment. If you look at my first comment you can see it was fixed. Is there any thing you can think of that could cause this problem? –  reevh Mar 9 at 2:01
does exclude take list? exclude(delivery_time__in=t) where t is a list –  reevh Mar 9 at 2:17
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