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I am looking for a way to add an issue & feature tracker to a deployed website.

I am using BitBucket to store the repository which uses the Jira Issue Tracker.

My workflow:

  1. Local Development Server - Branch Local and git push origin master to upload to bitbucket
  2. Testing Server - sudo git pull to pull master branch from BitBucket.
  3. Deployed Live Application - sudo git pull requires sudo password and bitbucket password to pull master branch from BitBucket.

In the administration section of the site, I have a page which allows site admins to submit bugs and feature requests which presently emails me, the sole developer, and I manually update the Bitbucket issue tracker. I would like for these issues to be automatically posted to the BitBucket issue tracker.

Is this possible?

My technology stack: RHEL, Apache2, PHP5.5, Composer, Git, Laravel

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