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I'm trying to wrap every immediate group of objects that is not a div inside a wrap class. Is there any way


var $code = 
'Lorem Ipsum
 <p>Foo Bar</p>
 <div class="myclass"></div>
 <p>Foo Bar</p>
 <div class="myclass"></div>'

var $object = $('<div/>').html($code);

Wanted output:

 <div class="wrap">
    Lorem Ipsum
    <p>Foo Bar</p>
 <div class="myclass"></div>
 <div class="wrap">
    <p>Foo Bar</p>
 <div class="myclass"></div>

What I've tried:

 $object.contents().not('> .myclass').wrap('<div class="wrap"></div>');

Can someone help me please? I'm stuck here.

Thank you very much!

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Haven't checked whether there is a more optimal way to do it, but there you go

var code =
    'Lorem Ipsum<p>Foo Bar</p><div class="myclass"></div><p>Foo Bar</p><div class="myclass"></div>'

var $object = $('<div/>').html(code);

var $obj = $();
$object.contents().each(function () {
    if ($(this).hasClass('myclass')) {
        $obj.wrapAll('<div class="wrap"/>');
        $obj = $();
    } else {
        $obj = $obj.add(this)
$obj.wrapAll('<div class="wrap"/>');

Demo: Fiddle

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Working great! Thank you very much –  Grozav Alex Ioan Mar 8 '14 at 8:34

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