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I have a custom drawn combobox with style CBS_DROPDOWNLIST and CBS_OWNERDRAWVARIABLE I can draw the items of the dropdownlist ok but whe user select an item it is drawn in the combobox static part [the part of combo that stay visible after selecting item and show the selection], I want to give it a custom text like in the following image

enter image description here

But I can't determine it I found a code like this

    if(DrawItemStruct.CtlType == ODT_COMBOBOX)//the static part of the combo
        DrawComboText(pDC, DrawItemStruct.itemID, &DrawItemStruct.rcItem);
    else//the rest items
        // Copy the text of the item to a string
        char sItem[256];
        GetString(sItem, DrawItemStruct.itemID);
        biDrawText(pDC, sItem, -1, &DrawItemStruct.rcItem, f | DT_VCENTER | DT_SINGLELINE);

but when I used it I get all the items has CtlType == ODT_COMBOBOX, when I debugged the above code It return ODT_COMBOBOX for the static part, and for items of the drop down list it return ODT_LISTBOX.

I want to know how to fix this problem, how to detect that I'm drawing the static part or a regular item in the dropdown list?

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Unclear to me. You seem to answer your own question: ODT_COMBOBOX for text in static control. ODT_LISTBOX for text from a Listbox item. That, or I didn't understand your question. –  manuell Mar 8 at 11:09
That is what I took from other source code but the ODT_LISTBOX never sent it was always ODT_COMBOBOX, in the source that I copied from it works fine, I don't know what I missed –  ahmedsafan86 Mar 8 at 13:48
I deal with the static portion by checking whether DrawItemStruct.itemID == -1 –  user1793036 Mar 10 at 1:28
@user1793036 : that is OK if there is no selected item from the combo when you select item say item index = 2, then when the list is closed and while drawing the static part the itemID == 2. –  ahmedsafan86 Mar 10 at 7:49

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I just check the state for ODS_COMBOBOXEDIT. If ifthe dcumentation says that this flag is set for the edit Control, it works for the drop down list to.

I have checked combo box implementation like you that works in the sane way.

bool bDrawStaticControl = (pDIS->itemState & ODS_COMBOBOXEDIT)!=0;
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