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I have an excel file that I upload to append my contact list in SugarCRM. I would like for if a name the excel file is already present in the database, this particular entry is not appended. Is this possible?

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The Sugar import interface will also allow you to do duplicate checking as a part of the import process. See this page in the application guide:


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i think the easiest way for this is to:

1) export your current contact list to CSV

2) add it as a new in sheet in your current excel file

3) cross-reference which rows have are present between both (use 'vlookup' or 'match' on whatever criteria you use to determine duplicates)

4) filter the results so non-duplicates are shown, and save that as the a new CSV file

5) import the new csv-file via sugarcrm UI

hope this helps

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Sugar allows for duplicate checking during importing in the "advanced" section. Check for duplicates using email address and you should be pretty safe. –  Craig Robertson Dec 17 '11 at 8:24

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