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I am working on a tool where I control a Excel sheet using JavaScript.

Here is a requirement that, I need to change the Excel cell data. I was doing something like this:

1. Open Excel as:

excel = new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application");

excel.Visible = false;
excel.DisplayAlerts = false;

workBook = excel.WorkBooks.open("c:\\excel.xls");

workSheet = workBook.Worksheets("Work_sheet_1");

2. Make change as:

WorkSheet.Cells(10,20).value = "10";
console.log("Value stored in excel is: "+WorkSheet.Cells(10,20).value);

3. Close as:

excelWorkbook.Close(true, "c:\\excel.xls").    
    excel = null;

I run it in browser, and I get log as:

Value stored in excel is: 10

Now whenever I make any change in Excel through JavaScript, I can always see the correct log report, But in excel, this changes are either saved at a delayed of 2 - 3 min, or never saves any change. this seems a kind of weird. Over that, when try to open the excel sheet manually from folder, it gives Edit-mode Lock Pop-up.

Can anyone tell me where am I heading wrong?

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change workBook.Close(false); to workBook.Close(true); to save changes in workbook –  simoco Mar 8 at 12:24
@simoco No dude! Never worked. did the same. –  ikis Mar 8 at 12:32
as far as I know, JavaScript is case sensitive, so since you defined workSheet = workBook.Worksheets("Work_sheet_1"); (starting from w but not W) than also use workSheet .Cells(10,20).value = "10"; instead WorkSheet.Cells(10,20).value = "10"; and save changes: workBook.Close(true);:) –  simoco Mar 8 at 13:22
Just to correct you a bit. true is for save pop-out and false is for direct saving. –  ikis Mar 8 at 15:39
btw, did workSheet .Cells(10,20).value = "10"; solve your problem? –  simoco Mar 8 at 16:25

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