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I have a Ruby script that defines a class. I would like the script to execute the statement

BoolParser.generate :file_base=>'bool_parser'

only when the script is invoked as an executable, not when it is require'd from irb (or passed on the command line via -r). What can I wrap around the statement above to prevent it from executing whenever my Ruby file is loaded?

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The condition $0 == __FILE__ ...


class BoolParser

  def self.generate(args)
    p ['BoolParser.generate', args]


if $0 == __FILE__

... is true when the script is run from the command line...

$ /tmp/foo.rb
["BoolParser.generate", {:file_base=>"/tmp/foo.rb"}]

... but false when the file is required or loaded by another ruby script.

$ irb1.8
irb(main):001:0> require '/tmp/foo'
=> true
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use $0

in irb the value of $0 is "irb"

in your file is "/path/to/file"

an explanation here

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