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I have created a 3x3 matrix with fixed numbers and I need to find the smallest possible diagonal of the matrix, by rearranging the rows. There are N! (here 3x2x1 = 6) solutions and the solutions can be listed by using list(itertools.permutations(M, m))

I need not just to list all the arrays, but to group the arrays in matrices of size mxm, (here m=3), so the diagonal can be calculated for each possible matrix and the values compared. Do you have a suggestion to how to do this?

    m = 3
    M = np.array([[3,1,2],[1,1,4],[5,2,4]])

    Matrix_diagonal = M.diagonal()

    Matrix_diagonal_sum = sum(Matrix_diagonal) 

    #Possible permutations: 
    permutation_overview = list(itertools.permutations(M, m))

    #Find the diagonal of the next matrix 

    #Calculate the sum of this diagonal

    #Compare the new diagonal sum with smallest diagonal candidate

    #if (new_diagonal_sum <= sofar_smallest_diagonal_sum):
    #   solution_diagonal_sum = new_diagonal_sum
    #   solution_diagonal_sum = sofar_smallest_diagonal_sum

    print permutation_overview
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