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I wrote a web site with google earth api and it is working fine. I want to open this site via mobile browser, and it's giving me the following error: "the plug-in of google earth is available only for win and mac". How can i get through it?

Thanks. :)

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I am having a similar issue. I wish to try and use Android WebView instead of setting up GooglePlayServices at this time for an art project

I have the example loading just fine on Windows and Mac, but I need this for my Android art project.

My source code can be viewed at this link below:

I am having the same issue here and will update this page when I find the solution.

I will attempt to see what I can try from Google Maps V3 APIs as per your instruction JasonM1 and see if I find a way to load this in Android.

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Unfortunately, the Google Earth Plugin and Google Earth API is currently only supported on the Windows and Mac platforms.

Full list of which OS versions and browsers are supported can be found here:

The mobile version as well as the Linux version of Google Earth does not currently support the Google Earth plugin.

If you redesign your web site using Google Maps V3 APIs then it would be supported by mobile and desktop web browsers. Google Earth is a thick desktop and has restrictions especially with respect to mobile devices that a pure web application such as using Google Maps APIs can avoid.

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Although the Google Earth plugin doesn't work on mobile devices, both Android and iOS devices have a Google Earth app available for them.

Thus a good way to show your data on both desktop and mobile devices is simply to publish it as a KML file, which will load in all versions of the program. The mobile devices don't actually offer a "load file" option, but instead rely on the fact that if you present the device with a KML file with the correct mime type, then the system works out that the Google Earth app is the appropriate one to display the file.

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