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I am fairly new to using Grunt but have a fairly good understanding of how tasks are installed and run. So far I am able to run everything as I want which includes minifying js, copying files and running jshint.

I now want to run 'clean' to remove files from a folder but only an array of selected files which I hope to generate dynamically.

So if I had a dynamically generated array e.g.

var deleteFilenames = ["file3.js","file2.jpg","file7.html"] etc.

How would I set a grunt clean task to just delete these files?

Any help much appreciated.

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You can use a variable to construct the config passed initConfig:

var deleteFilenames = ["foo", "bar", "baz"];
    clean: deleteFilenames

In the code above, the list is static but deleteFilenames could be constructed from an algorithm that computes file names.

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You can try using a wildcard token:

clean: ["file*"]

If you want something cleaner, you should include your Gruntfile.js or try to ouput your generated assets into a specific directory (such as dist/).

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Thanks but the filenames will be different so won't have any similarities in filenames. i.e. 'image2.jpg' 'page1.html' 'video.mp4' –  user3197788 Mar 8 '14 at 14:35

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