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I have developed an Matlab code for stegnography which requires some preprocessing to be done by a Java file The java file( contains the function 'encrypt(String s)' which needs to be called by matlab code.

javaaddpath ('C:\Users\Aneesh\Desktop\BE_Project');

I am getting the following error

"Error using javaMethod

No class aes1 can be located on the Java class path

Error in project_mod (line 11)


Matlab version 2013a Java version compiled 1.6

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Update: i have a .jar file which contains all the classes i need. i imported it using but still i am getting the same error!

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Please take a look at the documentation. javaaddpath adds one or more folders of java Archive (jar) files.

You need to compile your java file to a class-file and add it using javaclasspath

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I archived the class file into a jar file and imported it. But still I am facing the same problem –  user3396365 Mar 8 '14 at 16:20

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