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For a basic Ruby method, I would provide YARD style doc for parameters in the following format.

# @param query [String] The search string to query.
# @param options [Hash] Optional search preferences.
def search(query, options = {})
  # ...

With Ruby 2.0, keywords arguments can now be used. However, I'm not sure how to approach that in terms of the YARD documentation.

def search(query, exact_match: false, results_per_page: 10)
  # ...

How would I document for exact_match and results_per_page in the second scenario? Should I just continue to use the @param keyword, or is there something better?

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YARD recognizes keyword arguments. This should work:

# @param query [String] The search string
# @param exact_match [bool] whether to do an exact match
# @param results_per_page [Numeric] number of results
def search(query, exact_match: false, results_per_page: 10)
  # ...
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