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I'm trying to use floating point package given in this link http://www.vhdl.org/fphdl/vhdl.html I added all the files given in this zip to my files and tried to run this

entity xxx is port ( 
 a, b : in std_logic_vector (31 downto 0); 
Sum : out std_logic_vector (31 downto 0); 
Clk, reset : in std_ulogic); 
end entity xxx; 
library ieee_proposed; 
use ieee_proposed.fixed_float_types.all; -- ieee in the release 
use ieee_proposed.float_pkg.all; -- ieee.float_pkg.all; in the release 
architecture RTL of xxx is 
Signal afp, bfp, Sumfp : float32; -- same as “float (8 downto –23)” 
afp <= to_float (a, afp’high, -afp’low); -- SLV to float, with bounds 
bfp <= to_float (b, Bfp); -- SLV to float, using Bfp’range 
Addreg : process (clk, reset) is 
if reset = ‘1’ then 
Sumfp <= (others => ‘0’); 
elsif rising_edge (clk) then 
Sumfp <= afp + bfp; 
-- this is the same as saying: 
-- Sumfp <= add (l => afp, r => bfp, 
-- round_style => round_nearest, -- best, but most hardware 
-- guard_bits => 3, -- Use 3 guard bits, best for round_nearest 
-- check_error => true, –- NAN processing turned on 
-- denormalize => true); -- Turn on denormal numbers 
end process addreg; 
Sum <= to_slv (Sumfp); 
end process Addreg; 
end architecture RTL;

I am getting an error that

`Error (10482): VHDL error at test_float_synth.vhdl(63): object "to_string" is used but not declared`

Please help me

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Which to_string is that? Is it one defined in the floating point package or is it a more general one defined by the language. If the later, you may need to compile your design with the VHDL-2008 switch. –  Jim Lewis Mar 8 at 18:09

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