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I'm really new to haskell, and I'm having a problem importing any modules whatsoever.

When I load an .hs file that contains nothing but

import Data.list

it gives me an error of

file.hs:1:8: parse error on input Data.list

I know I must be making a really basic error somewhere, because imports seem to be working for everyone else, even in all the tutorials. Is it because I've changed my directory with :cd? Or is it how my GHCi was downloaded?

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These are perfect questions for #haskell on IRC –  Jonathan Fischoff Mar 8 at 18:26

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Modules start with capital letters

 import Data.List
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well, that makes much more sense now. thank you. –  Gelly Mar 8 at 19:33

Module names are capitalized.

Capitalize the word "List".

import Data.List
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