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Ii have a txt file which contains 2000 rows of data. I want to retrive this data and dispaly in a table form, but i want show some 20-30 records per page and rest numbering the pages like in google.

How do you achieve this in jsp.

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After reading the article linked by Jon, you can use Displaytag which has built-int paging functionality

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You need to look into pagination using JSP, there's a tutorial that I found from this great search engine called Google:


It will talk you through the process.

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This question is asked a few several times before here. Just checkout under each the tags pagination + jsp. I've answered this topic: ResultSet to Pagination. You may find it useful as well.

DisplayTag is another alternative, but it is not memory efficient as it caches all the rows in Java's memory, which might blow if you have thousands of rows and/or thousands of concurrent users. In such case better go ahead with DAO/database-level pagination, as outlined in my answer in the linked topic.

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only a few ? :) –  Bozho Feb 9 '10 at 11:57
At least, on the given tags :) –  BalusC Feb 9 '10 at 12:03

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