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So I've been using the Google Earth API and have attempting to change the image of the place marks upon mouseover.

I would like to use flag-sprites to minimize the load but I'm having trouble working out the syntax. The usage is pretty straight forward if I were to drop it straight into the HTML file. Example:

<img src="blank.gif" class="flag flag-cz" alt="Czech Republic" />

But when it comes to putting it into my javascript file, I'm a bit lost. Here's my code:

  var placemark = ge.createPlacemark('');
  ge.getFeatures().appendChild(placemark);, "mouseover", function(event){
    placemark.setAttribute("class", "flag flag-cz");
    placemark.setAttribute("alt", "Czech Republic");
    placemark.setAttribute("src", "blank.gif");

I also attempted to do this using the highlightIcon technique but the "setAttribute" method breaks the code (since highlightIcon is a different variable type than placemark):

    //Create highlight style for style map.
    var highlightStyle = ge.createStyle('');
    var highlightIcon = ge.createIcon('');

    highlightIcon.setAttribute("class", "flag flag-cz");
    highlightIcon.setAttribute("alt", "Czech Republic");
    highlightIcon.setAttribute("src", "blank.gif");

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You can achieve what you want but not with CSS, since GE Plugin lives in a different realm.

First you define the sprite as the Placemark Icon, then you must explicitly set its offset in the X and Y axis. Something like:

var icon ='');

// Set the size of the ICON - according to the dimension on the sprite

// Set its offset

var placemark = ge.createPlacemark('');

var style = ge.createStyle(''); //create a new style
style.getIconStyle().setIcon(icon); //apply the icon to the style
placemark.setStyleSelector(style); //apply the style to the placemark

// Set the placemark's location.  
var point = ge.createPoint('');

Also the Y axis begins in the bottom left corner of your Image.

In order to use flag-sprites you will have to re-map all the offsets (x,y), for each country flag, in your code and use those offsets when loading the placemark.

Here is the reference for the KmlIcon:

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Excellent. Works great, thanks! – Kyle Mar 27 '14 at 20:33

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