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When a string of text goes past say, 300 in length, I want it to drop to a new line and continue. I read that this is how you do it but it's not working - it is just stretching out the text.

How to achieve this?

const char* message = "example text to test that it drops to a new line."; 
std::string fontFile = "Font/font.ttf";
int fontSize = 16;

TTF_Font *font = nullptr;
    font = TTF_OpenFont(fontFile.c_str(), fontSize);

SDL_Color textColor = { 0, 300, 200 };
SDL_Surface *surf = TTF_RenderText_Blended_Wrapped(font, message, textColor, 300);
    texture = SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface(m_p_Renderer, surf);

int w,h;

srcRect.x = 0;
srcRect.y = 0;
destRect.x = 0;
destRect.y = 0;

srcRect.w =w;
srcRect.h = h;

destRect.w =w;
destRect.h = h;
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A think the error is on TTF_SizeText(...) calling. It does not know about the boundary you set and probably ignores endlines too. Try to remove that line an put these instead:

int w, h;
w = surf->w;
h = surf->h;

I hope it helps.

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You were right :) Thanks man – Jake Mar 10 '14 at 2:49

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