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list = [8,4,3,2,5]

Is there a way to join two elements not using slice

print ' '.join(list[0:3]) #would print out the numbers in between

What if I want to print just those specific elements?

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So what's wrong with print list[0]? or print list[0], list[3]? –  Martijn Pieters Mar 8 at 22:32

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You can use Python's string formatter:

>>> arr = [8,4,3,2,5]
>>> print "{0} {3}".format(*arr)
8 2

Also, please don't name your variables after built-in functions/types such as list.

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Wow that is pretty! –  Paulo Bu Mar 8 at 22:34
Thumbs Up, really cool! –  S.M. Al Mamun Mar 8 at 22:38
This looks neat, but print arr[0], arr[3] is actually shorter and doesn't require the entire arr to be copied into an argument tuple. print '{0[0]} {0[3]}'.format(arr) offers the flexibility of string formatting while also not requiring the copy. –  user2357112 Mar 8 at 22:49

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