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Can any one pf you please tell me how to clear the File upload control value using javascript.

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function ClearFileUpload() { var fil = document.getElementById("FileUpload1"); fil.select(); n=fil.createTextRange(); n.execCommand('delete'); fil.focus(); }

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Due to security reasons there is no direct access to the value of a file upload control on the client using javascript.

What you could to is deleting the element out of the dom and recreating it. Have a look at this link for an example

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we canm clear the file upload control text field. Try the code given in the next answer. I have achieved my expectation through that script. –  susanthosh Feb 9 '10 at 14:50
<div id="uploadFile_div">

           <input type="file" id="uploadFile" onkeydown="return false;" size="40" name="uploadFile"/>


<a onclick="clearFileInputField('uploadFile_div')" href="javascript:noAction();">Clear</a>


function clearFileInputField(tagId)


   document.getElementById(tagId).innerHTML = document.getElementById(tagId).innerHTML;



working code tested IE,Firefox

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