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I'd like you to list all the solutions available to generate web-service clients in Java platform.

I need to extract the structured information from the web-service to work with.

What do we have in the box? Preferably available as Eclipse plugins.

  • Axis2
  • JBossTools
  • Apache CXF

What else ?

The problem here is that most tools do not work with web-services I need to consume.

Apache CXF does not generate the client. JBoss only partially does the job.

I would like to try something and find what really works with particular web services.

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Rather than Eclipse plugins have a look at Maven plugins (or even Ant tasks).. They make your build system independent of tools and more portable. –  Tim Feb 9 '10 at 8:25
What's the value in just listing tools? If you'd like a recommendation, then there are existing questions that have been asked about that. stackoverflow.com/questions/2227643/… stackoverflow.com/questions/1109632/java-web-service-client stackoverflow.com/questions/291847/… stackoverflow.com/questions/289977/… –  skaffman Feb 9 '10 at 8:41

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this is for creating web services

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No one gave a clear answer yet. I got one advice: always try different versions of a framework, and try the latest. It may sometimes be the key answer.

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