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Is there a simple way to determine if a variable is a list, dictionary, or something else? Basically I am getting an object back that may be either type and I need to be able to tell the difference.

In Python, we have "Type()", "Typeof()" that

scala> val c: String = "Hello world"

Is there any way to determine : Typeof(c) to print : String

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Don't do this! Let the compiler worry about types for you! Life can be so much better! – Travis Brown Mar 9 '14 at 0:08
Best part of the nice long linked answer is the last line: It would be better, however, to be more specific about what you want to accomplish, so that the answer can be more to the point. – som-snytt Mar 9 '14 at 6:00

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I believe you can just use:

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