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I have 3 tabs in the Partial View : ClientView:

       <div class="tab-content">
         <div class="tab-pane active" id="TabsId-1">
                @{Html.RenderPartial("_GeneralInformation", Model.CLGeneralInfo);}
           <div class="tab-pane" id="TabsId-2">                     
                 @{Html.RenderPartial("_GeneralColorsView", Model.CLGeneralColors);}
           <div class="tab-pane" id="TabsId-3">                         
                   @{Html.RenderPartial("Cloths", Model.Cloths);}

In _GeneralInformation I have a combobox "ModelA" and in Cloths I have 3 combobox that I have to filter depending on the value on "ModelA".

So for the first time the 3 combobox on Cloths will be filtered depending on the value of : "ModelA" in _GeneralInformation and each time the user change "ModelA" the 3 combobox are filtered. Can I pass a value from _GeneralInformation to Cloths ?

I tried to apply http://www.dotnetexpertguide.com/2012/06/cascading-dropdown-knockoutjs-aspnet.html

but the new { onchange = "FetchStates();" never trigered

I'm using : MVC4, Bootstrap.


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You should post your partial views and the relevant JavaScript. The behavior you're trying to achieve cannot be achieved by server-side code alone. –  Kenneth Mar 9 at 0:44
Thanks Kenneth, do you have any example since it's my first time to work with MVC, I am newbie thanks –  ProtoCUS Mar 9 at 0:54
You should post what have you have tried, there are countless examples on the web (such as the one you provided). You should try something and when it doesn't work, come back with a specific question –  Kenneth Mar 9 at 0:55
ok thanks for your answer –  ProtoCUS Mar 9 at 0:57

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