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Is it possible to dive deep into objects stored in the ViewBag when using SSVE?

I have a "User" object placed on the ViewBag as such:

context.ViewBag.User = new { UserName = userByCookie.UserName };

When I try to access the UserName property from SSVE as such:


I get the error message:

model must be a standard type or implement IDictionary Parameter name: model

However; I when I access the "User" in SSVE as such:


I end up with the following output in my SSVE view:

{ UserName = Eric }

Can I access the sub-properties of a viewbag object when using SSVE?

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Phillip Haydon, ‏@philliphaydon, answered this question via Twitter:

Sorry, it doesn't support depth. :(

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NancyFx view engine rendering of any type (razor, spark, SSVE, etc) does not support any depth for ViewBag contents. – Detroitpro Mar 12 '14 at 1:02
Assuming ViewBag.Page is an instance of PageModel, @ViewBag.Page.Foo.Bar seems to blow up in Nancy Razor, but @((PageModel)ViewBag.Page).Foo.Bar seems to work fine. – DanB Apr 8 '14 at 8:38

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