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I have a simple interface:

public interface IVisitorsLogController  
    List<VisitorsLog> GetVisitorsLog();
    int GetUniqueSubscribersCount();
    int GetVisitorsCount();
    string GetVisitorsSummary();

the class VisitorsLogController implements this interface.

From a console application or a TestFixture - no problem - the console/test fixture compile perfectly.

However, from an Asp.Net web site (not application) in the same solution with this code in the code behind

private IVisitorsLogController ctl;

protected int GetUniqueMembersCount()
    ctl = new VisitorsLogController();
    return ctl.GetUniqueSubscribersCount();        

the compiler throws this exception:

Error 1 'WebSiteBusinessRules.Interfaces.IVisitorsLogController' does not contain a definition for 'GetUniqueSubscribersCount' and no extension method 'GetUniqueSubscribersCount' accepting a first argument of type 'WebSiteBusinessRules.Interfaces.IVisitorsLogController' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

yet for this code in the same file:

  protected static int GetVisitorsCount()
    return VisitorsLogController.Instance.GetVisitorsCount(DateTime.Today);

the compiler compiles these lines without complaining. In fact if I add anything new to the Interface the compiler now complains when trying to compile the asp.net page.

It can't be a missing using directive or assembly reference otherwise both methods would fail.

This is driving me nuts!

Any thoughts please?



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It would seem the other important bit of code would be VisitorsLogController, wouldn't it? It looks like VisitorsLogController is implementing a different IVistorsLogController interface.

Right clicking and GoTo Definition should clear things up, I think.

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Out of interest, can you compile the following line:

ctl = VisitorsLogController.Instance;

? I'm just wondering if somehow you've got two interfaces named the same thing.

What does Intellisense prompt you with when you type ctl. and press Ctrl-Space?

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John - yes that compiles fine. However as soon as I put in ctl.GetUniqueMembersCount() the compilation fails. Typing ctl.and Ctl+Space shows me GetUniqueMembersCount in the list. (I couldn't upload my screenshot). –  Jeremy Holt Oct 21 '08 at 20:25
So if you accept Intellisense's own suggestion, it fails to build? Yikes. I suggest restarting Visual Studio and doing as clean a build as you can. It sounds like something's out of whack. –  Jon Skeet Oct 21 '08 at 22:12

I would start by checking the namespaces on each of the files involved and make sure that you don't have a conflict or a namespace that you are not expecting.

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The solution contains the web site and three class projects (Data Layer, Service Layer and Core Services). They are added as references to the web site as Projects. I had compiled the solution at one point for Release - published the site, and then changed the config to Debug.

Evidently what had happened was that the Release dll's in the /bin file of the website were not being overwritten by the new Debug dll's. I manually deleted all the files in the /bin directory, and lo and behold - everything compiled perfectly.

So Mark and John - you were both spot on - I effectively did have two interfaces named the same thing.

Thanks very much for your help - if you hadn't given me these pointers I would never have finally worked it out.

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