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when i click on a text box or start typing in a text box, its showing the previously entered string below it, i want to disable this property of a text box, how can i do this?

please help me


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Try this

<input type="textbox" id="myTextBox" autocomplete="off" /> 

For an asp textbox

<asp:TextBox AutoCompleteType="Disabled" runat="server" ID="myBox"></asp:TextBox>

See autocomplete attribute

The autocomplete attribute applies to the text, password, select, textarea, date-related, time-related, numeric, email, and uri controls. The attribute takes two values, on and off. The default, when the attribute is not specified, is on.

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You can try setting autocomplete="off" as an attribute on the <input type="text">. Note that this isn't a standard attribute though, and will break HTML validation.

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this is a browser-issue

In Firefox: Extra -> Options --> Privacy --> Remember search and formhistory (or something like that, I have Firefox in Dutch)

For IE: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000604.htm

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Set the autocomplete attribute in the form element to "off". Said attribute is not standard, but should work on most browsers. See this

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