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I know this is a very basic question but I really find it hard to solve. I can't append this $(".gantt")


        source: [{
            name:  maintasks_val.task_name,
            desc: "",
            values: [{
                from: "/Date("+maintasks_val.time_start+")/",
            to: "/Date("+maintasks_val.time_end+")/",
            label: maintasks_val.task_name,
            customClass: "ganttRed"
}); );

I know there's something wrong in it. I think I cant append like that. Is there any other solution for this?

thanks in advance for those who answers.

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Provide your jsfiddle.net –  Ashish Mishra Mar 9 at 11:49
You should remove the first ;, here }); );, it just throws an error. How can I debug my JavaScript code? –  Vohuman Mar 9 at 11:51
@user3302093 : of course there is something wrong with it, which is why it is not working. What are you actually trying to do? where is the html? –  T J Mar 9 at 11:52
You're doing what now? Appending is for DOM nodes, not for functions, does the plugin return the DOM node! –  adeneo Mar 9 at 11:54
@TilwinJoy, I'm trying to append $(".gantt") with the resources in it. Because it only prints 2, if I have 5 elements it only gets the last 2 elements. .gantt is not a jquery function, it's a plugin. –  user3302093 Mar 9 at 11:57

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Try using, say, .each after the append then apply the - .gant

$(".gantt").appendTo($("#gant_chart")).each(function() {

    $(this).gant( ...
    /* apply the '.gant' to 'each' '.gant' that was 'appendedTo' '#gant_chart' */

Update: Another more stepped version for all '.gant' elements, regardless of where they are ( appended ) in the DOM

/* first append */
  var _gants = $(".gant");

/* then apply '.gant'  */
   _gants.gant({ ...

You were infact trying to 'append' the function return ( that may not be a node / or jquery object) - thanks to @undefined for clearing some possible confusion here

Update : Using .appendTo() - will return the .gant nodes you want, so you can make use of $(this)

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let me try this sir. thanks –  user3302093 Mar 9 at 11:59
How do you append a function? Do you mean "You were appending the retuned value of the function"?, if the method returns a jQuery object, the only problem here is syntax errors. –  Vohuman Mar 9 at 11:59
Let me update the answer one sec .. –  Rob Sedgwick Mar 9 at 11:59
@undefined, exactly, makes no sense. OP was attempting to 'append' a function. –  Rob Sedgwick Mar 9 at 12:02
Logic Step 1) Append all the .gant elements into #gant_chart - step 2) Then apply the .gant to the appended '.gants` - ill update with another way to simplify .. –  Rob Sedgwick Mar 9 at 12:08

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