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The problem: I'm trying to style certain keywords (e.g. "function") within the content of a code-tag, excluding those keywords from the C-style comments that appear in that content. Solution: I believe that a match of the innerHTML-string of the code-tag against a Regex-pattern, that would exclude the C-style comments could do the job...

Any suggestions?

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Wait... you want to parse (inner)HTML with regex? Is this for something important / security critical? – Mark Byers Feb 9 '10 at 10:07
have a look at and see how they do it – AutomatedTester Feb 9 '10 at 10:09

C-style comments can be nested and are therefore not suitable for a regular expression.

Matching an unnested C-style comment is simple:


Allowing one level of nesting results in:


(taken from RegexBuddy's library). Try to imagine what happens if you allow more.

I understand your question as "Is it possible for a regular expression to match a block of text that is outside of C-style comments?" - this would be even more complex than this. Imagine a string like "This is used to start a C comment: /*". Furthermore, if you still wanted to try this, you'd need lookbehind which JavaScript doesn't support.

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