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The below given php code generates button based on different names received from the database. I am then using the PostUpdate(this) javascript method to get the value i.e the name of the button but it prints as blank ? I am expecting an output like for eg the name is button 1 it should alert button 1.

while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
      $message = $row['Timings'];

      $message = substr($message, 0, -2).":".substr($message, -2);
      echo "<button class=\"ui-btn ui-btn-b\" onclick=\"PostUpdate(this);\" >" . $message . "</button>";



function PostUpdate(str)
   alert("Called a Button");
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Try with: alert(str.innerHTML); –  Sergio Mar 9 '14 at 11:56

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The value being passed into your PostUpdate is not a string, it's a DOM element.

If you want that element's contents, you can use innerHTML to get them as a string:

function PostUpdate(button)
    alert("Called a Button");

If you want the value, you can use value, but note that your button doesn't have a value (more accurately, its value is ""). You can give it a (different) value by specifying a value attribute for it, e.g., adding value="the value" in the opening <button> tag.

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