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In my web app, I'm making file structure for user resources = images, etc...
Every user has his specific id which is number.
file structure should look like:

users/u_<user 1 id>/
users/u_<user 2 id>/

so for example:


And in that folders will be the images, etc. But I don't wanna let people see what id users have.

So I updated my solution to make an hash from the id.

$id = the user id
$userfoldersuffix = md5($id);
$userfoldersuffix = md5($id);

So I could have: users/u_$userfoldersuffix
But here comes another problem, cause both md5 and sha1, could have collisions, so its also not good for me.
So I probably need something without collision, but aslo something which don't have reverse algorithm.

I mean I can do

$useridsuffix = somefunction($id);

but I can't do


which is quite important.

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