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Curretly I am using below CDEF settings in my rrdcgi to show day time i.e. 7AM to 11 PM. Is there any setting to calculate the average of perticular time period only. I need to show the 7 day graphs so the average should be of 7 day, day time (7AM to 11 PM) only.

<h3>7 Day Performance</h3>
        <RRD::GETVAR PATH>/rrdimg/7dayperformance.png
        -w 1048 -h 266
        --imginfo '<IMG SRC=<RRD::GETVAR PATH>/rrdimg/%s WIDTH=%lu HEIGHT=%lu >'
        DEF:p1=<RRD::GETVAR PATH>/data1.rrd:data:AVERAGE
        DEF:p2=<RRD::GETVAR PATH>/data2.rrd:data:AVERAGE

        CDEF:gate=p1,POP,LTIME,86400,%,3600,/,FLOOR,DUP,23,LT,*,6,GT,INF,UNKN,IF   #for daytime image
        AREA:gate#e0e0ff:"Day time"


I am planning to filter out the logs from 7AM to 11PM and create new rrd files to create graphs. Is this a good approch. I dont think so because it will also include the null values.

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When you use VDEF to calculate an average, it will build the average of the valid data, since you are already turning the non-office hours data to UNKN, all you have todo is to use VDEF and you should get what you are looking for.

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Thanks Tobi, can you please give me some examples to use this. – Space Feb 24 '10 at 7:38
something like this VDEF:avg=p1,AVERAGE – Tobi Oetiker Feb 3 '14 at 7:20

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