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I am trying to extract from a file with 3-4 entries only the first journal reference. Any ideas on how to get only the first occurrence of a match?

Here is what I have done so far. I can extract the references, but I am getting all of them:

if file_line =~ /^  JOURNAL  \*?(.*)/
  captured_journal = $1

To be more clear, this is some of the file I am trying to extract only the first JOURNAL entry from:

  JOURNAL   Genomics 33 (2), 229-246 (1996)
  PUBMED   8660972
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 17009)
  AUTHORS   Lopez,J.V.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (07-FEB-1995) Jose V. Lopez, Laboratory of Viral
           Carcinogenesis, PRI/DynCorp, Biological Carcinogenesis and
            Development Prog, Bldg 560, Room 11-21, NCI-Frederick Cancer
           Research and Development Center, Frederick, MD 21702-1201, USA`enter code here`

I only want "Genomics 33 (2), 229-246 (1996)" but I am also getting the next JOURNAL entries.

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apidock.com RTFM –  astropanic Mar 9 at 14:11
@astropanic Can you at least provide a link to the relevant piece of the manual please? –  toro2k Mar 9 at 14:30
I totally failed to understand the problem - what is the input? what is the expected output? what is the actual output? –  Uri Agassi Mar 9 at 14:33

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It is hard to answer your question, your example does not show the complete coding.

One possibility: Your if file_line is inside a loop. Then you could leave the loop:

  if file_line =~ /^  JOURNAL  \*?(.*)/
    captured_journal = $1 

As an alternative you could check, if you already found an entry:

captured_journal = nil
  if file_line =~ /^  JOURNAL  \*?(.*)/
    captured_journal = $1 unless captured_journal

But maybe you are not in a loop and the file content is stored in a String (e.g. with File.read). Then you could use a simple regex:

  filecontent =~ /^  JOURNAL  \*?(.*)/
  captured_journal = $1 


  /^  JOURNAL  \*?(.*)/.match(filecontent)[1]

Correction after you posted more details:

You could use the regex /^\s*JOURNAL\s+(.*)/. Your Regexp uses a fix number of spaces. With \s+ the number of spaces is flexible.

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Thank you knut!! Yes it is in a loop and your second suggestion worked really well. Using "unless captured_journal restricted the results to one journal entry but I am getting repeats of the same result two times for my first file and three times for my second file. Any further suggestions? Thanks for your help!!!!!! –  user3385593 Mar 9 at 16:09
Without any code it is impossible to give you an answer. But if you want only one result then perhaps the break-solution is better. –  knut Mar 9 at 18:49

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