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I have a program starting up through the registry, but I want it to start up more efficiently. So I asked some questions and I have found out that a windows service is the way forward. I have looked at how to make a windows service but I have not found any answers for what I need.

I am trying to create a checkbox on my application so that when it is checked it adds a service to start up my application when the person logs in, and when it is not checked it deletes the service.

Any help would be appreciated,


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This is not the correct way. Services cannot find out when a user logs in since Vista. In your prior thread you got the advice to create two programs, although that wasn't explicitly stated. A service that runs after the machine boots and a user interface that allows the user to communicate with the service after she logs in.

You'll need an inter-process communication mechanism to get them to talk to each other. Named pipes, a socket, Remoting or WCF will work.

Read the MSDN Library docs on the ServiceBase class, that's what you'll need to create a service.

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Ah okay thank you – Crazyd22 Feb 9 '10 at 15:39

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