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Currently I'm working on MVC4 web application, I need to get values which are selected or not from multiple checkboxes from the web page. Here is my code in View to render checkboxes.

using (Html.BeginForm("Controller", "NameSpace", FormMethod.Post))
     @foreach (var Leave in Model)
            <tr class="Row">
    <input type="submit" name="btn" value="Approve"/>
    <input type="submit" name="btn" value="Reject"/>

How can I get those checkBox's values in my controller...?

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Thank you.. @JediDula for edit. –  user3398807 Mar 9 at 17:49

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put a name on the check box(es)and you can pull the value on the controller using request

@Html.CheckBox("leaves", new { name = "leaves" })

then on then controller

string selected = Request.Form["leaves"].ToString();
string[] selectedList = selected.split(',');
foreach(var temp in selectedList){
    // do something with the result

this will return a comma delimited list (1,5,8) of the id's of all of the selected checkboxes (if there are more than 1).

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Please can you update the full code of controller. –  user3398807 Mar 9 at 17:48
I added some more code to my answer. If you are having issues, let me know where and ill try to help. –  Matt Bodily Mar 9 at 21:07
I dont think only a part of your form body should be post as view model. Add a property to your view model and use editorFor<> or checkboxFor. –  Mukus Mar 9 at 21:14

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